Disaster Preparedness

Do-It Yourself

Three Day Disaster Survival Pack In A Barrel, “On Wheels”

Pack a garbage can on wheels as follows;

Top of Barrel

  • Flashlight
  • Radio (with extra batteries)
  • First Aid Kit (including First Aid Handbook)
  • Drugs: antibiotic ointment, Aspirin, 5 gram ipecac (to induce vomiting), kaopectate, Medications prescribed by your doctor ie. Insulin, heart tablets
  • Dressings: Adhesive tape, 2″ wide, sterile bandage 2″ & 4″ wide roll, bandages, large triangular, Bandages, plastic strips, Cotton tip swabs, Sterile absorbent cotton, Ace bandage, Butterfly bandages, Gauze pads (4″X4″)
  • Misc: Scissors, tweezers, Thermometer, Tissues, Petroleum jelly, Rubbing alcohol, Wipes, Pocket knife

Middle of Barrel

  • Food / Water 1 gallon per person per day (store WATER separately)
  • Three-day supply of food requiring no refrigeration. Date all food items. Write out a menu for each day.
  • Example: Canned tuna or pork & beans (1/2 lbs. per person), Nonfat milk (1/2 lbs. per person), Graham crackers (1/2 lbs. per person, Dried apricots (1/2 lbs. per person), Canned orange or tomato juice, Peanut butter 1/2 lbs. per person), *This supplies daily 2100 calories.

Bottom of Barrel

  • Bedding: sleeping bag/blankets, plastic sheet / tarp
  • Clothing: One change per person, extra walking shoes
  • Personal Supplies: Toiletries, Towel, Good book, Paper/pencil, Liquid chlorine / bleach, Eye dropper
  • Fuel & Light: Matches, Candle, Flares, Canned Sterno
  • Equipment: Can opener, Dish pan, Ax, Shovel, Dishes (disposable), Utensils (disposable) Whistle, Bucket (plastic bag liners),
  • Infant Needs
  • Personal Documents (See Family Emergency Plan)
  • Money; cash
  • Water purification tablets