Home Photography Preparation Checklist

For Spectacular Photos of Your Home, Please Prepare By Doing the Following:

Interior Checklist

1. Clear all counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms.
2. Clear and put away all dish racks, cutting boards, tee towels, hand and dish soap bottles, cleaning products, sponges, brooms, garbage cans and mops. You can accent your kitchen with one to three nice decorations (such as a nice bowl of fruit on the table and a vase on the counter).
3. Open all blinds and curtains.
4. Remove photos, notes and papers from the refrigerator.
5. De-clutter rooms which may be excessively furnished. They do not photograph well.
6. Make all beds and tidy bedrooms. Hang up all clothing and put away.
7. Clean all items off of nightstands.
8. Remove everything from bathroom counters.
9. Remove all items from the showers and tub areas (all shampoos, soaps and conditioners, razors, toothbrushes, etc.)
10. Close all toilet lids. Remove the garbage cans, bathmats, laundry baskets, extra toilet paper, and scale.
11. Add fresh towels.
12. Remove piles of newspaper, magazines and papers from all rooms and surfaces.
13. Turn on all lights.

Exterior Checklist

1. Pull weeds, trim trees and overgrown shrubs.
2. Rake up the leaves, mow the lawn and edge around the cement.
3. Spray off the concrete.
4. Wrap up garden hoses and put them away in the garage or shed.
5. Pick up any items that may be laying around the yard, such as garden tools, garbage cans, toys, empty pots or ports with dead plants.
6. Cover dirt with mulch to make it look more attractive.
7. Sweep the porch and sidewalks.
8. Wipe down any outdoor furniture and make sure the cushions look clean and nice.
9. Move cars out of the driveway and away from the front of the house.
10. Move all trash cans out of sight.
11. Contain pets out of sight or in the garage.