Quick Cosmetic Touch-Ups – Increase Home’s Face Value


* Remove stains from toilets, tubs and sinks
* Fix or replace outdated or leaky fixtures
* Replace the shower curtain
* Inspect, repair and replace any worn out grouting
* Calk all joints for a watertight seal.

Call Us Before You:

X Replace flooring, unless it is damaged
X Re-tile unless it can not be patched or repaired.


* Make sure the faucet works properly, shuts off quickly and looks good. Repair as needed.
* Keep the sink spotless if you can not remove stains, consider replacing the sink with a more modern look. If you replace the sink update the faucet, as well.
* Clean the appliances and make sure they are in good working order.
* Clean the cabinets. If they are dark. consider repainting them to give the entire kitchen a fresh, new look. At the same time, upgrade the cabinet hardware (knobs, etc.)
* Unclutter the counter-top, move excess appliances or other clutter to the garage.

Call Us Before You:

X Remodel
X Install new flooring, unless the existing floor is damaged or totally dated.

Living Areas & Bedrooms

* Patch cracks in the walls and touch up paint. Consider a fresh coat of paint on all walls and trim work. Stick to whites or a light neutral colors.
* Inspect wallpaper to make sure there are no loose areas. Glue to repair.
* Have the drapes and carpet cleaned.
* Polish wood floors and buy new area rugs.

Call Us Before You:

X Install new carpet unless damaged.
X Paint the walls a dark color.
X Replace light fixtures, unless they are broken.